Does View support Double Byte Characters Set (DBCS) such as Chinese, Japanese or Korean?


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This document outlines CA View's support for Double-Byte Character Sets (DBCS).


CA View provides support for DBCS characters such as Chinese, Japanese or Korean.

For CA View to recognize and process DBCS data, you must ensure the following:

  1. DBCS data is enclosed by shift out (X'0E')/shift-in (X'0F') characters

  2. Shift-Out/Shift-In pairing is completed in each logical record

  3. PRMODE=SOSI1 or PRMODE=SOSI2 is specified for the data set in its //OUTPUT statement (an IBM requirement for printing to a 3800 printer)

Note: For JES3, the PRMODE parameter is only available to CA View when a data set is archived by the automatic report archival feature of CA View system extensions or by the direct-to-CA View archival feature of CA Deliver.

To view DBCS reports:

You can view DBCS data only on a workstation that provides DBCS input/output capability such as 3270 information display. Currently, only the ISPF and Native TSO online retrieval options support the viewing of DBCS data.

To reprint DBCS reports:

To reprint a SYSOUT group containing DBCS data, you can use selection code J from online retrieval or the batch retrieval print function. The Print Services Facility (PSF) must control the printer to which the output is directed.

CA Deliver does not support Double Byte Characters Set (DBCS) such as Chinese, Japanese or Korean on the panels or input fields.


Release: OUTDTI00200-12.1-Deliver-Output Management-Interface for Native TSO