INV-0016 Missing planned cost start or finish date
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INV-0016 Missing planned cost start or finish date


Article ID: 51399


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


Non Project Investment objects: If the Finish Date of a an Application is set and saved, then made null and saved, the Application throws error: INV-0016 Missing planned cost start or finish date to any attempted save, including setting the Finish Date.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create an Application.

  2. Set Finish Date and Save.

  3. Set Finish Date to null and Save, save is effective and no error message is thrown.

  4. Make any change to the Application, including setting Finish Date and Save.

Expected: Application change is saved.

Actual: Error message: INV-0016 Missing planned start cost start or finish date, is thrown.


Release: All
Component: Non Project Investment Objects (NPIOs)


This is working by design. This error mentioned the cause of the issue which is missing planned start and finish dates. 


Check the attribute 'Set Planned Cost Dates' - if this field is selected (checkmarked) the application attempts to automatically update the planning dates. If the Planned Cost field has a value, and no date is retrieved from the Investment dates, the error message is generated. Uncheck this option, set the Planning Dates manually and the NPIO Investment will allow for null Start and Finish dates.