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How can Application news be updated?


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Application news is a line of text that replaces an application's description on the TPX menu.


The TPX MAIL facility allows you to send application news for a specific application.

Application news consists of a line of text that replaces an application's description on the TPX menu. If the news is greater than one line in length, the rest of the message appears in the mailbox of any users who have that application on their TPX menu.

Application News is only available via the TPX MAIL Menu, option 15:

TEN0071                   TPX Message Menu
         1 Read your messages
         2 Read the bulletins
         3 Read your messages and the bulletins
        Send or Store a message to:
         4 A user by userid
         5 A user by name
         6 A user by terminal
         7 A list
         8 All users in an administration group
         9 All active users of an application
        10 All users of an application
        11 All active users of a menu session
        12 All users of a menu session
        13 Everyone (A bulletin)
        14 Edit/browse userlists
        15 Add application news
        16 Update logo news
F1=Help         F3=End         F9=Cancel

LOGO news can be updated via SMRT or TPXMAIL, but Application news is only available via TPX MAIL.


Release: NVINAM00200-5.2-TPX-Session Management-Access Management package