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After upgrading PSA r17 to r19 and copying over the PSA Control File that references the PSA Data Stores why is the Xmanager failing to initialize PSA collections with the following error: PSA0211 SSANALZE MODIFY FAILED/DATASTORE DOES NOT EXIST ?


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After the CA Database Management Solutions for DB2 for z/OS r17 version was upgraded to r19, the Xmanager fails to successfully start PSA collections at

startup time due to the following condition: PSA0211 SSANALZE MODIFY FAILED/DATASTORE DOES NOT EXIST


z/OS 2.1, DB2 V11 CM, DB2 Tools r19


The underlying cause of this condition was never determined however, the following prescription was performed, and it proved successful.


Do to a disconnect between the PSA Control File and the existing PSA Data Stores the following process was performed, and proved to be corrective:

1. perform a stop (/p) on the correlating Xmanager STC

2. via post-install INSMAIN clist, File Tailor for PSA, create a new PSA control file (reflected in the SACFPARM member in Xmanager's .CDBAPXMP library

3. rename the existing PSA Data Store linear vsam files via IDCAMS ALTER process.

4. create new PSA r19 Data Stores via the PSADSALC job found in the r19 .CDBASRC library specifying the existing names prior to the previous rename

5. copy the content of the renamed Data Stores into the newly created Data Stores via the .CDBASRC library member PSADSCPY

6. start the correlating Xamanger STC (/s)