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Clarity: OOTB 'OBS Investment Aggregation' Portlet 'Save As' a new portlet does not show data correctly


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When you create a copy of the OOTB portlet, 'OBS Investment Aggregation' it is expected that the data will appear exactly the same as the OOTB portlet. This newly copied portlet is showing the data incorrectly; the data values are shown in TSV cells are not the same values that we see in the OOTB portlet.

I checked Time Slicing definitions for MONTHLYRESOURCEALLOCCURVE and WEEKLYRESOURCEALLOCCURVE. I ensured the slicing definition covers the time periods in the portlet view. I checked to ensure the Time Slicing job is executed successfully; up-to-date. I checked to ensure the Datamart Extraction job is executed successfully up-to-date. The results of the data in the TSV on the newly, copied portlet is not calculating the aggregation properly.
Resource is Active and Projects are Active.
I tested the same STR for the 'OBS Resource Aggregation' portlet and it works as expected; the data is the same as the OOTB portlet.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Login to Clarity.

  2. Admin Tool > Portlets > open the following portlet
    Portlet Name = OBS Investment Aggregation
    Portlet ID = projmgr.OBSInvestmentAggregation
    Data Provider = OBS Investment Aggregation

  3. Click 'Save As' > New Portlet Name = 'My OBS Investment Aggregation' > ID = 'my_obs_inv'.

  4. Main Application > Resource Management: Resource Planning.

  5. Navigate to the 'Investments' tab.

  6. Click [Manage My Tabs].

  7. Click 'Investments' tab name.

  8. Click 'Content' link > Click 'Add' button.

  9. Select the newly, copied portlet 'My OBS Investment Aggregation'.

  10. Click 'Add' button.

  11. Click 'Exit' button.

  12. Click 'Back' button.

  13. Expand Filter for BOTH portlets and enter the SAME filtering criteria > Pick a specific Investment OBS Unit.

Expected Result: Results for the new, copied portlet should match the OOTB portlet results.
Actual Result: Results for the new, copied portlet don't show same results.



Resolved in Clarity 12.1.1

Keywords: CLARITYKB, CLRT-54469, clarity12resolved, clarity1211resolved.


Release: ESPCLA99000-12.1-Clarity-Extended Support Plus