Exit code 1619 indicates possible error [SDM228001]
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Exit code 1619 indicates possible error [SDM228001]


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CA Client Automation


The upgrade of DSM Agent or the installation of an MSI package fails with error:

Exit code 1619 indicates possible error [SDM228001]

The SDLIBRARY$ share is created on the Scalability Server and is used by the agents for

the installation of applications if the agent is configured to use the "Internal - NOS" download

method (default). The above error occurs if the agent is unable to access the SDLIBRARY$ share.



Client Automation - All versions


On the Scalability Server do the following:

  1. Open Administrative tools -> Local Security Settings.

  2. Under Local Policies -> Security Options set the following policies:

    "Network access: Do not allow anonymous enumeration of SAM account and shares" = Disabled
    "Network access: Let everyone permissions apply to anonymous users" = Enabled

  3. If "Network access: Restrict anonymous access to Named Pipes and Shares" is set to
  4. Enabled, add pipe SRVSVC in the list "Network access: Named Pipes that can be
  5. accessed anonymously".

  6. Reboot the Scalability Server.