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1469 from CICS after changing SVC number for IDMS CV.


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The SVC number for IDMS had to be changed from 243 to 224. We reassembled #SVCOPT and linked the IGC224 module.
We changed the SVC number in the SYSGEN, reassembled and linked RHDCSRTT to use the new SVC number, and ran CAIRIM to install the new SVC.
We brought up IDMS and the CVs came up but the interface with CICS is not working. CICS is saying that CV is down.
We get a 1469 message. What pieces did we miss?


The Client's CICSOPT for their CICS INTC interface specified a SYSCTL DDname, rather than hard coding the SVC and CV numbers.
This is good and is what we recommend, but consider that the CICS interface reads the SYSCTL file at startup.
If a client makes a change to the SVC and/or CV number used by a given IDMS CV, a recycle of the CICS region is needed to read in the changed contents of the SYSCTL dataset.
Also, you must be sure that the IDMS CV is brought up prior to bringing up CICS and starting the interface.
CV writes the SVC and CV number info into the SYSCTL file at startup so the IDMS CV must be fully up when CICS starts so that the CICS interface gets the correct info from SYSCTL.


Component: IDMS