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CA Jobtrac Job Management r11 Vinit initialization gets a 'TRAC104C - INITIALIZATION ERROR' message causing the initialization of the internals to fail.


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This Knowledge Document provides information to determine why the 'TRAC104C - INITIALIZATION ERROR' message is issued for VINIT initialization.



Component: JOBTRC


A 'TRAC104C - INITIALIZATION ERROR' is normally issued when the initialization of the CA Jobtrac JM internals fail to load. The following items should be verified in order to get a successful initialization of the CA Jobtrac JM internals:

  1. Make sure CA Datacom is active.

  2. Make sure GSSA is active.

  3. Make sure GSS is up and has '//JOBTRAC DD DUMMY' and STEPLIB for CA Datacom libraries and Jobtrac library.

  4. Make sure the VINIT proc contains:

    '//JOBTRAC DD DUMMY' and STEPLIB for CA Datacom libraries and CA Jobtrac JM LOALIBs.

  5. The following command must be used to initialize the CA Jobtrac JM internals:


Other things to check:

  1. Was there a previous release of CA Jobtrac JM running on this system which used the same token? If so, you will need to issue 'S VINIT,PARM=BACK' to remove the previous internals that are pointing to the wrong checkpoint.

  2. Is the TRACPARM DD in the Vinit proc pointing to the correct CA Jobtrac JM r11.0 PPOPTION data set?

  3. Does the CA Jobtrac JM PPOPTION data set member JOBTRA00 have the following run parameters?