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Governance Minder Discovery & Audit Tools fail to install


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Installed GovernanceMinder 12.6 SP5 onto Windows Sever 2012R2 O/S. It appears that the Client Tools for GovernanceMinder Discovery and Audit is unable to connect to the databases created on our MS SQL Server 2014 R2 box.

On the client tools logs the following appears:
 SOAP Connector: SageSOAP, Version=1.0.5945.34867, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=53c9f05b3a5ffa7c
 Failed to connect Database 'eurekify_sdb' on SQL Server 'SQLP16IDM'

And when I open the Discovery & Audit client tool I get the following error message:
"TCP Provider: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host."

Tried different SQL configuration on the Governance Minder Discovery & Audit tool still the same problem. I don't believe its the port 1433, or 1434 to SQL server b/c
- the MS Firewall client allows all incoming traffic to the SQL Server box. Checked the MS Firewall client logs and there were no drops coming from our GovernanceMinder server where the client tools are installed.

- And I used netstat -an and could see that there was an established connection on 1433 to the GovernanceMinder Server

- telnetted to the SQL Server box from the GovernanceMinder server on 1433 and its opened

I also tried the following:
- Enabled TLS 1.1. both Client and Server on the SQL Server box, and did the same for the GovernanceMinder server

- Enabled TCP Chimney on both SQL and GM boxes


none of the above resolve the issue.


Windows 2012Database: SQL 2014 R2


A bit of a catch-22 (or inconsistency with your product), to install the Governance Minder application TLS 1.2 had to be disabled,
between the Governance Minder server and the SQL database. But the installation and configuration of the Governance Minder
client tools requires TLS 1.2


TLS 1.2 Server protocol was disabled on the SQL Server database.
And the TLS 1.2 Client protocol on the Role and Compliance Server was disabled as well.

It was disabled because the installation of Governance Minder application would not install unless TLS 1.2 was disabled.


re-enabling TLS 1.2 between the servers in order for the client tools to connect to the SQL database


This is only needed if the client tools are being installed on the same server as the Governance server.