Clarity: What are the general steps to follow if Clarity needs to get moved to another system?
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Clarity: What are the general steps to follow if Clarity needs to get moved to another system?


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At times, Clarity implementations may need to be moved to alternate physical servers. What is the recommended way to do this.


In a scenario where it is desired to move the complete Clarity installation including the Oracle database to another environment there are some steps to follow. This guideline does not include high level steps as depending on the environment the appropriate steps have to be examined carefully.

  1. Backup the user schema for Clarity (refer to Oracle's own documentation).

  2. If Oracle server is different, configure for use with Clarity as per Installation Guide.

  3. Create user and grant permissions as per Installation Guide.

  4. Restore database to schema (refer to Oracle's own documentation).

  5. Consider how document store needs to be migrated if not in the database.

  6. Consider how reports in the reports library need preserving when moving from one installation environment to another.

  7. Install Clarity to the new environment; it is recommendable to go through the full install against a fresh schema that can be dropped later.

  8. Once installation is complete, go into the NSA and change the database settings to point to the restored database.

  9. Double check ALL other NSA settings for any properties that need changing.

  10. Restore any other items required (document store, report encyclopedias, etc.) if now different and not in the database.

  11. Add/deploy/start services.

  12. Drop any fresh schema that was used earlier once all connections on it have ended (may need to restart NSA for this to happen).


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