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Clarity: Submitting a change on action item status on the Action Item Detail page causes 'Error 501 - Not Implemented'


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A list of action items are displayed in a custom defined portlet. This portlet contains a link to the Action Item Details page. When a user changes the status of an action item in Action Item Detals page then clicks the Submit button, the custom portlet displays the Error 501 message

Steps to Recreate:

  1. Create a custom portlet

    1. XOG in the attached file "lookup.xml"

    2. Add the 4 custom attributes to the project object
      Code:mp_fiscal_yr, Name: Fiscal Year, Format : string
      Code:mp_category, Name: Category. Format : string
      Code:mp_project_brand, Name: Brand. Format : lookup (The associated Brand lookup is in the XOG)
      Code:seq_number_of_skus, Name: Seq / # of SKUs. Format : number

    3. XOG in the attached file "portlet_metro_actionitem.xml"

    4. Add the portlet (id = metro_actionItem_prtlt) to the overview page.

  2. Define a process that sends AI to Administrator

    1. Go to Admin tools -> processes -> click "New" button

    2. Enter required information: Process Name = "process1" Process ID = "process1"

    3. Process Definition: Objects (Primary Object = "Task", Linked Object - attribute = "Project" )

    4. Process Start Options -> Start option = "On-demand"

    5. Create Manual action in Start step

    6. Process Definition: Start Step-> Action -> click "New" button

    7. Enter requested information: Action Name = "test"; Actions = "test"; Subject="test"; Assignees = "Admin " -> click "submit"

    8. Set up post-conditions of the start step

    9. If (Action Item.Start.test Number of assignees with Status Open = 0) Then Go to=Finish

    10. Process Validation: click "Validate All and Active"

  3. Create a new project and task

    1. Go to the Portfolio Management -> Project -> click the "New" button

    2. Enter required information (Project Name = "pr1", Project Code = "pr1") and click the "Save" button

    3. Go to Team - Staff and add Administrator

    4. Go to Tasks - Task List and create a new task (Name = "task1") then click "Save" button

    5. Assign Administrator to this task

  4. Open Project "pr1"-> Task "task1" -> Processes Tab and kick off the "process1"

    1. Go to the Overview page and check the portlet (id=metro_actionItem_prtlt) : you should see the AI on the list

    2. Apply a filter to the list of action items.

    3. Click on the link and change the status in "Action Items Details" page (any change)

    4. Click "Submit" button

Expected Result: The Clarity should go back to the custom defined portlet (id=metro_actionItem_prtlt)

Actual Result: the Error 501 appears


The workaround is not defined.

Status / Resolution:
This issue has been documented as CLRT-48061 and is fixed in 12.0.5.

Keywords: CLARITYKB, CLRT-48061, clarity8open, clarity12open.


Component: STUDIO

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