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Jobcheck on agent returns "number of client connections to the server exceeded"


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CA Client Automation


The following error occurs while running job check on an agent: "The number of client connections to the server exceeded".


  • The Scalability server limits the number of simultaneously executing agents to ensure the performance of the scalability server is not impaired.
  • If the SS is already deploying a large deployment and you then try to deploy to a single PC it is probable that the PC will  not be able to connect to the SS immediately.
  • If you attempt to manually job check at this point you will see the error
  • This is controlled by the policy "Concurrency: Maximum number of simultaneously executing agents on Scalability Server" which can be found under:
  • Control Panel->Configuration->Configuration policy->Default Computer Policy->DSM->Software Delivery->Scalability Server. 


Client Automation - All versions


Increasing the value of this policy will allow more agents to connect at once.

You can also wait for the SS to become less busy and the job will go through


Additional Information

NOTE: There could be performance issues if this number is increased since this relies on the hardware configuration of the server and the network bandwidth available.