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Exchange attributes which are effected during "Create Mailbox", "Modify Mailbox" and "Remove Exchange Attributes" processes.


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The Remove Exchange Attributes feature is an Admin UI specific behavior which makes changes to few provisioning attributes - this document details the exact list of these attributes on the provisioning server, as well as the corresponding JIAM attributes.


PROV_ATTR_NAME                              JIAM_ATTR_NAME Custom->Create Mailbox  eTADShomeMDB                              homeMDB  eTADSmsExchHomeServerName                 mailServer  eTADSlegacyExchangeDN                     legacyExchangeDN  eTADSmDBUseDefaults                       MDBUseDefaults  eTADSmailNickName                         mailAlias Custom->Delete Mailbox  eTADShomeMTA                              homeMTA  eTADShomeMDB                              homeMDB  eTADSlegacyExchangeDN                     legacyExchangeDN  eTADSproxyAddresses                       proxyAddresses  eTADSmail                                 email  eTADSmailNickName                         mailAlias  eTADSmsExchHomeServerName                 mailServer Custom->Remove Exchange Attributes  eTADSlegacyExchangeDN                    legacyExchangeDN  eTADSmsExchHomeServerName                mailServer  eTADStextEncodedORAddress                textEncodedORAddress  eTADSmailNickName                        mailAlias  eTADShomeMDB                             homeMDB  eTADSmDBUseDefaults                      MDBUseDefaults  eTADSshowInAddressBook                   showInAddressBook  eTADSmsExchPoliciesIncluded              msExchPoliciesIncluded  eTADSmsExchALObjectVersion               msExchALObjectVersion  eTADSmsExchUserAccountControl            exchangeOptions


Component: IDMGR