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Clarity: Why the system provider "Key Tasks" provides information on all tasks regardless of the Key task attribute value?


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I created my own user-defined portlet using the 'Key Tasks' data provider. When viewing the results of this portlet, ALL the tasks are shown. Since the name of the data provider is 'Key Tasks', I expected to only see the Key Tasks. Why are all the tasks shown using this data provider?


The 'Key Tasks' data provider does not filter on the task attribute we call 'Key Task'. This data provider is the one that is used in the Project Tasks List View and that filtering is a UI feature which you get when navigating to the Task List in Clarity. By default this list filters on tasks with the 'key task' attribute set and end-users can modify the filter criteria to see all tasks on the project in that view or in any portlet that uses this data provider.

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Release: ESPCLA99000-12.1-Clarity-Extended Support Plus