What can cause ABEND SA03 using VISION:Results Interface to IDMS?


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CA Vision:Results CA Vision:Sixty


Use of the IDMS interface is normally very straightforward, so an SA03 ABEND can be baffling.

In very specific circumstances an SA03 ABEND is issued instead of an error message.

The three required components to the problem are

  • The VISION:Results program does not include a CA-IDMS DML FINISH statement,
  • A third-party program is intercepting our DML CALLs to CA-IDMS,
  • A SORT is invoked.

The obvious solution is to correct the syntax and add the CA-IDMS DML FINISH statement.

If for some reason this cannot be done, a possible workaround is to run the VISION:Results program under the LE environment.

To run VISION:Results under LE, the application can be modified by adding the LE parameter to the OPTION statement within the VISION:Results program.

To establish the LE environment at the site level, set the DYLINSTL parameter LE=Y and execute the CUSTMJCL job provided with the installation.


Component: V:RSLT