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Message "N20E02 PASSWORD IS INVALID, RE-ENTER" appears when trying to logon to Netmaster r12


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When you logon to a NetMaster Region running Release r12 you might see the message "N20E02 PASSWORD IS INVALID, RE-ENTER" although your combination of userid and password is correct. This document explains what you can do to resolve this case.


With Release r12 NetMaster introduces a new feature which allows you to enter a mixed case password (mixed case means that the password may consist of upper and lower case, numeric and special characters). This feature is driven by parameter PPREF='XOPT=PWMIX' in the RUNSYSIN member.

So if your password is case-sensitive and you enter it into the logon panel of NetMaster without having this feature enabled your password is converted to all capitals before it is sent to the Security system for checking. In such cases message N20E02 will appear.

If you enable this support, consider these important points:

  • Do not share a UAMS database with a region that does not support mixed case passwords, and is not using a full or partial security exit.

  • Ensure that all regions in a multisystem environment have this support enabled.


Component: NFT