How can we change the RTServer connection ports?
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How can we change the RTServer connection ports?


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We have problems defining the RTServer connection ports. As per documentation we changed the file with the new port names.
But the RTServer Processes continues with the original ports and not the customized ports in the file.


The default RTServer port 5101 is the port that all RTClients (CA SCM GUI, SDK, command line, agents, broker and servers) use to connect to RTServer.
This port is used for all initial RTServer - RTClient communication.
For direct connection transactions for example:

  • check-outs
  • check-ins
  • repository load...
    Then ports from within the port range specified in $RTHOME/standard/ are used.

In order to change the RTServer port from default port 5101, <RTHOME>/standard/ CONN_NAMES parameter has to be modified, for example:

'setopt CONN_NAMES TCP:<machine_name>:<new_port_number>'

The RTServer port also needs to be configured in HBroker.arg, HServer.arg, HAgent.arg and HClient.arg by specifying:


Please note, the HClient.arg file is specially used by command line and Administrator GUI (if it does not exist, it will have to be created using notepad).

For Agents connecting remotely and that are behind a firewall, you need to enable in <RTHOME>\standard\ setting:


Please note, this setting is necessary for r7.x and r12.0.x including r12.0.2 (r12 FP2).
With r12.1 release, the new rtserver-less agent means that specific single port for agent to communicate can be specified during the r12.1.x agent installation.

For all *.arg and *.cm file changes to take effect, the appropriate Broker, RTServer, and RTClients processes will have to be restarted.
This information is detailed in the CA SCM R12 Implementation Guide, Chapter 12 under Enterprise Communicator (PEC) section.


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