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Clarity: Transactions Not Reversed On the Transactions page using The Reverse Selected Charges or Reverse Filtered Charges Button


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I can see transactions that have been posted to WIP, on the Financial Management -> Transactions page for the fiscal period I filter with. When I select some transactions and click on the "Reverse Selected Charges", or the "Reverse Filtered Charges" button, nothing happens and the transaction selection is cleared, the Reversed column doesn't get updated and is still blank.

Is this a defect?


This is not a defect.

The Reverse buttons on the Transactions page, as well as those on the Project->Chargebacks->Transactions page, are for reversing transactions that have been invoiced through the Clarity External Billing cycle. This type of reversal would be a step after invoices have been generated for these transactions, it is to correct invoices and not the WIP transactions. If you are not using External Billing, the reversal on the mentioned pages would not affect your data.

If you do use External Billings, such as Demand Billing and Advance Billing, you can find more information on the reversal from the Financial Management User Guide -> Chargebacks -> Investment Chargebacks -> reverse Charges on Transactions.

To reverse the base WIP transactions, which are the transactions shown on most of your financial reports, you can do so from the Create WIP Adjustment page, by selecting the transactions and pressing the 'Reverse' button. A WIP Adjustment approval is required to complete the reversal.

Due to a known defect found on 12.0.5 and 12.0.6, we recommend avoiding WIP reversals and using the workaround of doing WIP adjustments with quantity changed to 0. Please refer to TEC520268 for this known defect, it is resolved on 12.1 and higher versions.

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Release: ESPCLA99000-12.1-Clarity-Extended Support Plus