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SQLCODE = -104: ILLEGAL SYMBOL "," when numeric data is used in a WHERE clause.


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RC Compare for DB2 for z/OS



Browsing data in a table with a column defined with data type of Decimal (13,0) displays the data with commas in the output. If that data is then cut and pasted into a WHERE clause a -104 SQLCODE is returned.


Commas will be displayed in numeric fields when the RC/Edit profile parameter "Format numerics with commas' is set to 'Y'. If the commas are removed from the data value when

creating/issuing the WHERE clause, the statement will process successfully. If you set the RC/Edit profile parameter "Format numerics with commas' to 'N' the commas will be

eliminated from the display and doing a cut and paste within the WHERE clause will then process successfully.

You can also control the comma setting in the highlevel.PARMLIB(DEFAULTS) member by setting the parameter RUCOMMA.

Valid values are:

RUCOMMA    (N)               /* FORMAT NUMERICS WITH COMMAS       */                                /*   Y - FORMAT WITH COMMAS          */                                /*   N - FORMAT WITHOUT COMMAS       */   

Make sure that DEFAULTS (YES) parameter is enabled in the highlevel.parmlib SETUP member.


Component: RCU