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CA Enterprise Log Manager Agent processes and files that can be excluded from the Antivirus scan to speed up performance


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Depending on how powerful of a machine you are using, the efficiency of the antivirus scanning engine, and settings of your anti-virus software the Enterprise Log Manager Agent performance may suffer.
Excluding certain CA Enterprise Log Manager Agent processes and files from being scanned by the Antivirus software helps to improve Agent performance.


Please Note:

Excluding files, such as executable files, does pose a risk of a file infection. If you make the changes below, you do so at your own risk. You can check with your anti-virus software provider for other suggestions which may help performance such as updating anti-virus drivers, anti-virus software versions, and real-time scan options. Also, check with CA Support for your product to determine if there are other factors with the agent and/or connectors causing slow performance.

Processes to be excluded:

caelmagent.exe, caelmconnector.exe, caelmdispatcher.exe, caelmwatchdog.exe, caelmupdatehandler.exe and caelmextupdatehandler.exe. Note that caelmupdatehandler.exe and caelmextupdatehandler.exe usually get spawned only when there are binary updates to the CA Enterprise Log Manager Agent. In other words they get invoked only on demand.

Files to be excluded:

File extensions in the CA Enterprise Log Manager Agent install folder under the bin directory (usually C:\Program Files\CA\elmagent\bin):
*.log* (to include rotated log files)
*.p12 (for agents prior to SP1 Agents)

File extensions in the tmp folder under the CA Enterprise Log Manager Agent install bin directory (c:\program files\CA\elmagent\bin\tmp):

File extensions in the events folder under the CA Enterprise Log Manager Agent install bin directory (c:\program files\CA\elmagent\bin\events)
queue.* (These are the event queue files)


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