Does CA1 cut the SMF records?
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Does CA1 cut the SMF records?


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Does CA1 cut the SMF records when a tape's files are cataloged or uncataloged?
How CA1 know that a tape file was cataloged or uncataloged?



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In Release 5.2 a new catalog hook has been introduced to allow real time CATALOG control of tape datasets. The SMF61(CATALOG) and SMF65(UNCATALOG) record are cut when there has been a successful catalog or uncatalog operation and are then intercepted by CA-1.

The FLAG4 OSC bit in the TMC is turned on and off with this process, accordingly. The option OCTLG in TMOOPTxx in the PPOPTION library controls whether or not the Realtime Catalog feature should be used. If OCTLG is set to NO then TMSCLEAN will look at FLAG4 to see if the OSC(x'08' bit) is on or off for every dataset that has an EXPDT of CATALOG.

If the bit is off then the EXPDT is set to today's date for expiration. If a dataset is cataloged to an OS catalog and then cataloged to another catalog an exception type 3 record is written to the audit to reflect this. If an uncatalog is issued to either of these catalogs then CA-1 will intercept the SMF65 record and turn the OSC bit off in FLAG4, and then TMSCLEAN will expire it. If in the event that a dataset is cataloged to two catalogs and you need to clean up one of them, issue an uncatalog for both datasets and then recatalog it to the correct catalog. Another option is to uncatalog the dataset from the incorrect catalog and then run TMSOSCAT with a PARM='RESYNC' to have the OSC bit reset for all datasets still cataloged to an OS catalog. If you have multiple systems and the catalogs are not shared then run TMSOSCAT with a PARM='SYNC' on the other systems so that the OSC bit will be set correctly.

Both of these actions should take place before the next execution of TMSCLEAN to avoid premature scratching of the volser. CA-1 is only intercepting the SMF records, it does not know which catalog is correct and it doesn't cut the records in the SMF file. We have audit records that get cut for updates, open input/output, foreign, rejects...etc.