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SCOPE value on CA MII-processed ENQ requests.


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Depending on the GRS configuration, the final SCOPE value for an ENQ or Reserve request will not always match the original SCOPE value that is specified in the parameter list for the request. In a CA MII environment, this may result in uncertainty for a customer over whether a request was managed correctly.


Depending on its configuration, GRS may change the SCOPE of a SYSTEMS ENQ or Reserve to SYSTEM, or it may change the SCOPE of a SYSTEM ENQ to SYSTEMS. A QCB is the GRS control block which is used to represent a requested resource. The final SCOPE which is stored in the QCB may differ from the original SCOPE of the request. IBM documents the details of this SCOPE change.

Information contained in QCBs can be displayed by using various forms of the DISPLAY GRS command. The command output will show the final SCOPE of requests. QCB info can also be retrieved programmatically by calling GRS services such as GQSCAN. Some software products, such as CA Sysview, can display enqueued resources by using GQSCAN. The data that is returned by GQSCAN and displayed externally shows the final SCOPE of requests. So, the SCOPE value that GRS returns in response to commands or interfaces is the final SCOPE value according to how GRS managed the request.

When CA MII is active, it creates its own control block, called a GQB, to represent an ENQ or Reserve request that it is managing. The GQB always reflects the original SCOPE of the request. CA MII never changes the original SCOPE value for an ENQ or Reserve in the parameter list and it never changes the SCOPE value in a QCB. Only GRS changes SCOPE. CA MII may treat a SYSTEM request as SYSTEMS, or it may treat a SYSTEMS request as SYSTEM, but it never changes the SCOPE.

In a CA MII environment, the final SCOPE value that is returned by GRS is not an indicator of whether the resource was properly managed. The final SCOPE is indicating how GRS managed the request, and not how MII managed the request. There are CA MII DISPLAY commands such as QNAME, COUNTS, and EXEMPT that indicate how specific resources are managed. Also, CA MII Support may request in some situations that the DUMP GQB command be used to determine the status of a managed resource.


Release: MTIMGA00200-11.7-MIA-Tape Sharing