Clarity: Bg service failing to start with fatal error caused by proxool simultaneous-build-throttle parameter limit


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Starting the background service for job scheduling and process engine after a previous controlled shutdown may start and then stop and fail with an error shortly after whilst it is initializing with the FATAL level error message "java.sql.SQLException: We are already in the process of making 11 connections and the number of simultaneous builds has been throttled to 10" reported in the logs.

The behavior is very intermittent and may go without warning for a period of months before returning suddenly again. When the problem is occurring, process engine events may not be actioned and scheduled jobs or reports will not be run.

Steps to Recreate:

  1. Stop the bg service for carrying out routine maintenance.
  2. After maintenance, start bg service.
  3. Wait 2 minutes.
  4. Observe the bg-niku.log file output
  5. Check the status of the bg service with "niku status all"

Expected Result:
Logs consistently report bg service initialized and ready and the status command indicates the bg service is still running

Actual Result:
Logs intermittently reported FATAL exception error and the service status may show it in a stopped state


Since the service is already stopped as part of scheduled maintenance, the need is to get the service started again. The following steps have succeeded in this for some environments:

  1. Run the command "niku clone bg" to create a second bg service.
  2. Leave the original bg service in its stopped state.
  3. Deploy and start the cloned service, e.g., "niku deploy start bg2"
  4. Wait 2 minutes.
  5. Observe the output in the file for this service name, e.g., bg2-niku.log

This issue has been documented as CLRT-48675 and is fixed in Clarity version 12.0.6.

CLARITYKB, CLRT-48675, clarity8open, clarity12open


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