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How to Configure ADAM as a Policy Store for SiteMinder?


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CA Single Sign On Secure Proxy Server (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign On SOA Security Manager (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign-On



This document explains step-by-step how to configure ADAM as a policy store for SiteMinder


  1. Install ADAMSP1_x86_English.exe

  2. Install ADAMSP1MUI_x86.exe

  3. Create an instance named training

  4. Create an application partition named dc=training,dc=com

  5. Import all LDF ldif file

  6. Edit msDS-Other-Settings attribute of cn=directory service,cn=windows

  7. Change ADAMAllowADAMSecurityPrincipalsInConfigPartition=0 to

  8. Edit the Configuration partition under cn=Roles create a user named admin : password
    set user admin attribute msDS-UserAccountDisabled to false
    under that user copy its entire DN

  9. Edit member of cn=Administrator and add ADAM Account, and paste the above copied DN in a text file for further use.

  10. Open the dc=training,dc=com partition and under roles, edit member of
    cn=Administrator and add ADAM Account, and paste the above copied DN in the configuration partition, edit the user admin object and modify

    the administrative DN is for example:
    the root dn is : dc=training,dc=com

  11. Manually modify the /opt/CA/siteminder/xps/db/ADAM.ldif file and change {guid} with the GUID defined in ADAM configuration partition as above, for example:

    # /opt/CA/siteminder/xps/db/ADAM.ldif

  12. Manually run these commands:

    # smldapsetup ldgen -f /tmp/sm.ldif
    # smldapsetup ldmod -f /tmp/sm.ldif
    # smldapsetup ldmod -f /opt/CA/siteminder/xps/db/ADAM.ldif


Component: SMPLC