OPSMVS - OPSNOTIFY - 'Primary OPSLOG is not the current LIVE OPSLOG'


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OPSMVS - Client notices an OPSNOTIFY - 'Primary OPSLOG is not the current LIVE OPSLOG' WTO message upon OPS startup.


A client may notice an OPSNOTIFY - 'Primary OPSLOG is not the current LIVE OPSLOG' WTO message upon OPS startup which they may interpret as a problem. This message is actually coming from the OPS3445O sample rule. This sample assumes that a secondary or backup OPSLOG is active. Upon CA-OPS/MVS initialization, the primary OPSLOG is to be the designated live OPSLOG. This rule will trigger the OPS3445O OPS/REXX program to verify the status of the live OPSLOG. An error or warning alert will be generated by the program if the primary OPSLOG is not the current live OPSLOG. Additionally, an error or warning will be generated if the backup OPSLOG is not in a switchable status (not ACTIVE). The default logic of this application assumes that the primary designated OPSLOG will always be the live OPSLOG upon CA-OPS/MVS initialization. It would be up to the client to change this default logic if not suitable for their site-specfic configuration.
Therefore, if a client does not want to see this OPSNOTIFY message, then they can disable the OPS3445O sample rule, but doing so would 'turn off' the ability to automate an OPSLOG 'hot-swap' when the 'wrap' threshold was approaching.


Component: SOPMVS