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CA Fast Load RESUME YES load fails with message PUT4425E - Index failed allocation.


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A CA Fast Load for DB2 for z/OS (PFL) RESUME YES execution is failing with the following message:

PUT4425E - Index vcat.DSNDBC.dbname.spacenam.I0001.A001 failed allocation

How can the cause of the PUT4425E message be diagnosed?  


Component: PFL


Execute the PFL job with keyword ALLMSGS specified so the VSAM DELETE / DEFINE messages are display in the execution output.  ALLMSGS (YES) can also be specified in the UTIL member of hlq.CDBAPARM to set the utility default behavior.

To prevent PFL from issuing the VSAM DELETE / DEFINE for the underlying VSAM dataset, SPACE-DEFN (NO) can be specified in the UTIL member of hlq.CDBAPARM.