What does the stdlog error on process pdm_text_cmd "Timed out waiting for response after (30) seconds." mean?


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What is the meaning and impact of the following CA Service Desk /log error in stdlog.n?

 6/13 01:05:30.55 My_Server pdm_text_cmd       6660 ERROR    pdm_text_cmd.c   197 Timed out waiting for response after (30)  seconds.


The CA Service Desk process pdm_text_nxd process was temporarily busy. It could not handle the request at the time. The above error is written to record this.

In addition, the unhandled message is queued to the folder $NX_ROOT\site\text_queue.

CA Service Desk will wait for thirty (30) seconds, and then check the availability of the pdm_text_nxd process again.

If the process is free, the request is actioned as normal. The content of the messages is not lost because the pdm_text_nxd process is unavailable.

If the pdm_text_nxd process does not recover, for whatever reason, then the messages that are queued in the text_queue folder may be actioned by recycling the CA Service Desk service, which will restart all Service Desk processes, including pdm_text_nxd.

Actioned messages are removed from the text_queue folder.

It is safe to delete items from the text_queue folder if is intended that unsent messages should not be sent out, for example, on a development system where the pdm_text_nxd process has been manually disabled for test purposes.


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