How To Audit ALT-ACID Resource Class?


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How is it possible to audit ALT-ACID resource class, which is used for acid cross-authorization?

TSS ADD(AUDIT) ALT-ACID(acid) is accepted, but nothing is audited.




Here is the way to audit cross-authorization:

  1. Set LOG(ACCESS) control option on submitting facility

  2. AUDIT attribute on submitting facility

  3. AUDIT attribute on submitting user
    e.g. TSS ADD(acid) AUDIT

  4. ACTION(AUDIT) on the permit granting access

  5. NORESCHK on submitting user.
    e.g. TSS ADD(acid) NORESCHK

There are no other ways to create audit records for cross authorization checks.

In particular, there is no way (and never has been any way) to use the AUDIT record to audit these checks.

The resource class ALT-ACID simply exists to support resource checking for acid cross authorization.

Since ALT-ACID is in the RDT, issuing a PERMIT in the class or adding it to the AUDIT record is accepted as valid syntax.

The entry in the RDT allows the resource class to be used in a RACROUTE call, but is treated as a request to check the acid cross authorization and not to treat the call as a resource check in the ALT-ACID resource class.


Additional Information: 


For CA top Secret r15.0 refer to CA Top Secret for z/OS User Guide; chapter #13 Maintaining Special Records; RDT record


For CA Top Secret r16.0 go to site; signon; choose your product CA Top Secret for z/OS - 16.0; click on "Using" link; then click on "Maintaining Special Security Records" link; then click "Maintain the RDT Record" to have more information about CA Top Secret RDT.


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