Web Agent IP address is resolved as
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Web Agent IP address is resolved as


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In the Policy Server trace, we can see the following message:

[06/07/2010][14:57:03][14664][149][][CSmHttpPlugin::ResolveClientIp][Resolved Client IP address ''.]

Why is the IP address Is there anything wrong?


The IP address is a special IP address which always refers to this Host . That is the IP addresses of the machine hosting the webagent/webserver.

In simple words, this is a special IP which denotes that the request came from the same machine hosting the webserver and request was an internal request made by webserver only and not by external client browser.

The requests having client IP as are not typed by client/browser explicitly. (I. E.) [Resolved URL: '/'.]


[Resolved URL: '/WEB-INF/classes/'.]
[Resolved URL: '/WEB-INF/lib/'.]
[Resolved URL: '/WEB-INF/web.xml'.]

The requests to these URL s were made internally by webserver itself and not by external client/browser. And this is the reason why webagent logged the client IP as which is a special IP:

[Resolved Client IP address ''.]
[CSmHttpPlugin::ProcessResource][Resolved URL: '/WEB-INF/classes/'.]

And for the requests that were actually made by client/browser to the webserver like:

[Resolved URL: '/public/'.]
[Resolved URL: '/public/index.jsp'.]

You can see that these requests have actual values of Client IP addresses logged in webagent trace logs:

[Resolved Client IP address ''.]
[CSmHttpPlugin::ProcessResource][Resolved URL: '/public/index.jsp'.]

Thus, there is nothing wrong with this and it is working as expected.


Component: SMSUN