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NSM CaiLogA2 agent monitors a cycling log file that gets renamed when the log file it reaches a certain size.


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The NSM LogAgent monitors a log file of an application. The application has a log handling policy that causes the log to be renamed when it reaches a certain size and a fresh log (with the original name) is started. When this happens, will the LogAgent resets its pointer to the start of the new file with the original name?


Start the NSM cailogA2 log agent using the parameter -xEOF=2 as described in the CA NSM Inside Systems Monitoring for r11.2 SP1, Appendix B: "Agent Start Options."

Description of the NSM cailogA2 log agent's parameter -xEOF=2:

Controls the scanning of a log file when the corresponding log watcher uses an EOF-related status policy.

This option causes any EOF-related status policy to be ignored when a monitored log file was recreated. The recreated log file is then scanned from its beginning.


Release: TNGEXO05500-11.2-Management-for Microsoft Exchange