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Business Objects requirement so that the Business Objects servers don't run the same query on both Job Server and Pageserver.


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This is required so that the same query is not run by both Job server and pageserver


Add the "-procreportoptions __noViewTimeSecurityOnManagedRptData" parameter to BusinessObjects

BusinessObjects on Windows:

  1. Open Central Configuration Manager.
  2. Stop the Jobserver.
  3. Add the following to the end of command line argument.
              -procreportoptions __noViewTimeSecurityOnManagedRptData
  4. Restart the Business Objects servers.

BusinessObject on Unix/Linux:

  1. Navigate to the bobje directory.
  2. Open up ccm.config. Each service will have a command line associated with it. For example the CMS command line looks like this:

    cmsLAUNCH='"/home/tnordin/bobj/bobje/enterprise115/generic/" -protect "/home/tnordin/bobj/bobje/enterprise115/linux_x86/boe_cmsd" -name tnordin-rhel-r2sp4.cms -loggingPath "/home/tnordin/bobj/bobje/logging" -pidFile "/home/tnordin/bobj/bobje/serverpids/" -restart -fg'

  3. Modify the command line for the service so that you want to set this flag. Note, this should be included within the single quotes, for example:

    cmsLAUNCH='"/home/tnordin/bobj/bobje/enterprise115/generic/" -protect "/home/tnordin/bobj/bobje/enterprise115/linux_x86/boe_cmsd" -name tnordin-rhel-r2sp4.cms -loggingPath "/home/tnordin/bobj/bobje/logging" -pidFile "/home/tnordin/bobj/bobje/serverpids/" -restart -fg -procreportoptions __noViewTimeSecurityOnManagedRptData'

  4. Save the config file.
  5. Restart the Business Objects servers.


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