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Clarity: The Export to Excel/PowerPoint of the "Overview: XXX" page produces a wrong formatted output.


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The Export to Excel/PowerPoint of the "Overview: XXX" page produces a wrong formatted output.

Compare to the export of the Personal Dashboards where a user can specify if the format of the export "Fit to Page" or "One Portlet per Slide/Sheets" the export of Overview page generates a file with an unpredictable format.

The file contains all portlets located in ALL TABs so the customer cannot decide which TAB will be Exported.

The excel file contains unpredictable number of sheets that doesn't match to the number of Tabs either to the number of ALL portlets.

The PowerPoint file doesn't contain all portlets and exported portlets are joined together. (Attached output)

Steps to Recreate:

  1. Log to the Clarity and go to the Personal -> General page
  2. Be sure that the General page contains many TABs with many different portlets (default configuration)
  3. Go to the right- upper corner and choose Export to Excel and Export to Power Point

Expected Result: The output file should be well organized so the user can easily find the portlet.

Actual Result: The output file is poorly organized or the portlets are added to one page together.


At this moment the workaround is not defined.

This issue has been documented as CLRT-56219 and is assigned to development for review.

Keywords: CLARITYKB, CLRT-56219, clarity12open.


Component: STUDIO