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Clarity: Infinity data value on Allocation Segments - java internal processing exception : NumberFormatException


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Allocation segment data is saved as an infinity symbol when you edit the allocation via the TSV in Clarity for a non-work day defined on the Clarity calendar. This is not immediately apparent and the symptoms can be observed in portlets that use the 'Allocation' data that comes from the PRTEAM.PRALLOCSUM field. This type of issue can occur if the 'Default Allocation %' field has an infinity symbol or other non-real number value.

Steps to Reproduce:

Note: These steps can be reproduced with any non-working date.

The dates in this article are only for purposes of explaining the Steps to Reproduce.

Remember that the Team Detail Time Scaled Values only exist for previous 2 weeks from current date (Refer TEC439086 for more information on Time Periods).

  1. Make sure that 5/31/10 is a non work day for the base calendar
  2. Create a project start date 1/1/10 - finish 5/31/10
  3. Add a team member to the project (make sure they are assigned to the calendar in step 1)
  4. Go to the Team : Details page
  5. Go to the timescale view and change the view to start date = 4/26/10, time scale = week, number of periods = 12
  6. Go into edit mode and change the allocation for several team members as follows: 5/31/10 = 20
  7. Click 'Save' button
  8. Go to the Team Staff Member properties page and review the allocation segment for 5/31

Expected Result: Allocation segment should be saved as zero '0' since this is a holiday
Actual Result: Allocation segment is saved as an infinity symbol

Other Symptoms:

The Steps to Reproduce describe how the data can be saved as a non-real number for the Resource Allocation Segment, but the end-user may not experience any application red, system errors (java.lang.NumberFormatException) until they navigate to other parts of the application. In these cases, you need to locate the right combination of Project and Resource Allocations so that we could update the Allocation Segment from the Project Team Staff Properties page.

If the Project Team Staff Properties page generates the same 'java.lang.NumberFormatException', the 'Default Allocation %' value may have a non-real number in the field. To change the 'Default Allocation %' value, you can select/check the Resource from the Project Team Staff page and from the 'More >>' button, select 'Set Allocation'. Change the value for 'Default Allocation %' to a real number and click 'Save' button. This will update the data for the selected resource and then you should be able to access the Project Team Staff Properties page and update the Allocation Segments.


On the Project Team Staff Properties Page, change the Allocation Segment value to a real number such as zero '0' or delete the segment.

Resolved in Clarity 12.1.1.

Keywords: CLARITYKB, CLRT-53798, java.lang.NumberFormatException, clarity12resolved, clarity1211resolved.


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