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Where are the different log files for CA SCM?


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Different components of CA SCM write log files in different locations. Where can I find the log files?


  1. CA SCM Server and Agent logs

    • Are generally written to %CA_SCM_HOME\log or in r12.x %USERPROFILE%\.casm\log (Windows) except if started as service logged on as system then log is created in %CA_SCM_HOME%\log., $CA_SCM_HOME/log (Unix/Linux) directory.

      Server Logs:

      Logging levels can be set in HServer.arg with parameter '-logging=n' for the level of detail to log (n is value between 1 and 5, with 5 logging all ODBC errors message, SQL statements and their results). For more details please see Implementation Guide

      For CA SCM R12.0, the server logs on UNIX and Linux reside under $CA_SCM_HOME/log. For Windows platforms, the server logs are written to %USERPROFILE%\.casm\log. However if the broker is started as a service (logged on as system) then the log is created in %CA_SCM_HOME%\log.

      From CA SCM r12.1 onwards, a new command line 'hdbgctrl ?broker|hserver|agent' has been included which allows users to enable logging for broker, hserver and agent in realtime without having to stop the components, make modifications in the .arg file and restart. Please see the CA SCM r12.1 Command Line reference guide for more details. This command line performs real time loging, therefore it is not necessary to shutdown and restart the server, simply execute the hdbgctrl command line and the appropriate logs will start to generate.

      Agent Logs:

      Agent logs are written by default to %CA_SCM_HOME\log.

      On Windows platforms, the multi-user agent creates a log file named yyyymmddHAgentpid.log in the %UserProfile%\.cascm\log directory.

      To enable logging for the Agent either start the agent from command line with -trlvl=<0|1|2|3> or by entering this parameter in HAgent.arg. For more details please see Implementation Guide.

      For Harvest 7.1, by default, the Harvest server logs are written to %HARVESTHOME%\log for all platforms.

  2. PEC logs

    By default -->*.dbg files are created in a rtworks folder under $TMP or %TEMP%.

    system variable RTDEBUGFILENAME=path\log_file_name can override the default log.

    Further information can be added as following:

    On RTserver machine in %RTHOME\standard\ (Windows) or $RTHOME/standard/ (Unix)

    setopt output_warning_messages true
    setopt verbose true
    and then recycle rtserver

    Folder rtworks folder under $TMP or %TEMP.

    • Additional communication trace can be added to respective log, by specifying '-trace' in HServer.arg/HBroker.arg/Hagent.arg.

  3. Eclipse Plug-in logs

    The logs are written into the Workspace location (%USERPROFILE%\<workspace_name>\.metadata) and are .log and CASCM.log.

  4. Visual Studio integration logs:

    By default logging is disabled to increase performance.

    To enable logging and specifying the location of log generation, please check the logging checkbox in Visual Studio Tools --> Options

    --> (Visual Studio .NET 2003) Click Source Control --> CA SCM configuration under Advanced

    --> (Visual Studio .NET 2005 or .NET 2008) Click Source Control, Environment

For r12.1 integration enable logging under Tools --> Options --> Source Control --> Logging, check the Enable Debug Logging with Log level: <1|2|3> and choose the location of the log file.


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