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Deleting asset data from the shared MDB that is integrated with UAPM\USD\CMDB.


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When deleting an asset via the UAPM interface that has been added to the CMDB attribute table and is listed as a CI in several tickets, all the corresponding data in USD\CMDB does not get deleted. This causes orphaned records in the database and possible errors in the out of the box forms in USD\CMDB. Incidents, change orders, etc.. will still point to the deleted asset.


Rename and mark the asset as inactive rather than deleting it.
If the asset is marked as inactive, it should not appear in many lists and reports as most lists will search by active only.
If the asset is renamed, it makes it easier to spot on incident, change, contact forms, etc....
Once the newly named asset is spotted, it can be changed to the correct asset.


Component: ARGWEB