'Allocate from Estimates' calculation for Allocation
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'Allocate from Estimates' calculation for Allocation


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Clarity PPM On Premise


How does 'Allocate from Estimates' calculate Allocation? We are showing particular week(s)  that have the Allocation field missing or blank in the grid. 
We configured the 'Resource Availability' field into the grid view and saw it was also blank. We have tried reslice the resource availability time slice ID.


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When the 'Allocate from Estimates' button is clicked, the allocation for each selected team member is updated to reflect the current estimates-to-complete on that team member's task assignments. The allocation is only modified for days that are after the latest 'Actuals Thru Date' on all of the team members' task assignments. The allocation for earlier days remains unchanged.

This is the logic for the new allocation for the days that are modified:

  1. The sum of the estimates on that day is divided by the availability of the resource on that day.
  2. This value is then rounded to determine the allocation rate (rounding is determined by the value entered in the Round Allocations To Nearest % field), which is then set for that day.
  3. After the allocation rates for all the days are determined, allocation segments are created from each set of consecutive days with the same rate.

NOTE: The time-of-day is not considered when determining the daily allocation rates. Allocating from Estimates will never produce allocation segments that are shorter than one day.
One subtle side-effect of this can be experienced by MSP users that have manually entered actuals that end in the middle of a day. They will see that the allocation for that entire day is replaced with the estimates for that day.

If a resource has explicit allocation start or finish dates, then 'Allocate from Estimate' will ignore any ETC outside of those dates.

The Allocate from Estimates button is active whether the project was created as a fast plan or a power plan.

If Round Allocation to Nearest % is set to zero or 1, then no rounding is done. This setting will produce a remaining allocation that is as close to the estimate as possible.

Note: If allocation is not appearing for specific weeks, configure the grid to show 'Resource Availability'. If 'Resource Availability' is blank, set the Resource > Properties > Availability to a value greater than 0, e.g 8 hours per day. Once Resource Availability is set,  allocation can then be calculated.