Installer script for UNIX agents fails with: "csutils/scripts/" failed with exit code 1."
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Installer script for UNIX agents fails with: "csutils/scripts/" failed with exit code 1."


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The reason that the ca-cs-utils package is failing to install while executing the script is due to illegal Bourne shell commands that are defined in the /etc/profile system login script.

The Solaris Bourne shell is not as forgiving as other UNIX/Linux versions tend to be. The ca-cs-utils script sources the /etc/profile (. /etc/profile) as many of the CCS PIF package install scripts do. The vast majority of these scripts are Bourne shell scripts so if the Bourne shell has a problem with any commands in the /etc/profile script, then the CCS scripts will fail when they source this file.


You can run the following command to determine the the /etc/profile has illegal Bourne Shell commands within:

/bin/sh /etc/profile;echo $?  

If the result is anything but '0,' there are illegal commands within.

On Solaris, set/export of environment variables must be done in two separate commands. The line "export ENVDIR=/export/ENV" must be broken up into the following two commands:

ENVDIR=/export/ENV export ENVDIR 

If there are other "export <VAR>=<value>" commands in /etc/profile, they must also be broken up into two separate commands:

<VAR>=<value>   export <VAR>

After making the appropriate changes to the /etc/profile script, test it again in the same manner:

/bin/sh /etc/profile;echo $?    until the "echo $?" command returns a zero (0).     


Release: CAPUEL99000-12.5-Identity Manager-Blended upgrade to Identity &-Access Mgmt Ente