Job Status slow after upgrade to r12.5


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The Job status (in r12.5) seems to be 4 to 5 time slower than the previous versions.

Problem Cause: This is a r12.5 feature to reduce the network usage and traffic between Domain Manager and Scalability Servers. Scalability servers run in Bulk mode which is used to cache all the job status and send them to the Domain Manager in specific time intervals as mentioned in the Configuration Policy.

Bulk Update: Run in bulk update mode

When a Scalability Server runs in bulk update mode, job result, detection and software records reporting to the upstream Domain Manager will only take place when the command - sd_sscmd bulkupdate - is executed or if the time specified for the parameter Wait between bulk updates has elapsed.


Disable the Bulk update mode if this feature is not required as follows:

  1. Open the DSM Explorer.

  2. Navigate to Control Panel->Configuration Policy->right click and select 'New Policy'.

  3. Give a desired name to the policy.

  4. Navigate within the new policy to DSM->Software Delivery->Scalability Server.
    Scalability Server

  5. Set the configuration policy parameter "Bulk Update: Run in bulk update mode" to 'False' (default value: True).

  6. Seal the policy and apply it on the Domain Manager and all the Scalability Servers.


Release: UASIT.99000-12.5-Asset Intelligence