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Both "Open Incidents" and "Closed Incidents", or both "Open Requests" and "Closed Requests", are missing from "Look up my existing Tickets" for an Employee


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When running under the Administrator Role, the Customize Scoreboard page for the Employee role lists six stored query nodes. However, when running under the Employee Role, only four of these nodes are listed under the "Look up my existing tickets" section.

The six stored query nodes are:

  • Open requests
  • Closed requests
  • Open incidents
  • Closed incidents
  • Open change orders
  • Closed change orders

The value of the Service Desk option, "employee_intf_incident_support", partially determines which nodes are listed.


To change which nodes are listed, change the employee_intf_incident_support option by following these steps:

  1. Log in and set the role to Administrator
  2. Click on the Administration tab
  3. Click on Options Manager
  4. Click on Request Mgr
  5. In the Option List, click on employee_intf_incident_support. See Screenshot #1 below.
  6. In the Options Detail screen, click on Edit
  7. From the employee_intf_incident support Update Options screen, click the down-arrow in the Option Value field.
  8. Select Incident Only, Request Only, or Both Incident and Request. To display all six nodes, select Both Incident and Request. See Screenshot #2 below.
  9. Select Save
  10. Recycle Service Desk

Screenshot #1:

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Figure 1

Screenshot #2:

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Figure 2

Additional Information:

To navigate to the "Customize Scoreboard" page when running under the Administrator role:

  1. Click on the Service Desk tab
  2. Click on the File pulldown
  3. Select Customize Scoreboard
  4. From the Customized Scoreboard page, select the button named Role
  5. From the pulldown below the Role button, select Employee. See Screenshot #3 below.

Screenshot #3:

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Figure 3

To view the results from changing the employee_intf_incident_support option, set the logged-in user's role to Employee.

Screenshot #4 shows the results when the option is set to Both Incident and Request.

Screenshot #4:

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Figure 4


Component: ARGIS


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