CA Jobtrac Job Management - coding CCPF (Condition Code Program Filter) table entries for events.


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This Knowledge Document describes how to code the CCPF table so only certain step(s) can have a different return code(s) for a job.



Component: JOBTRC



First of all, The CCPF TABLE entries are only used when the 'MAXCC' field has '0000' in columns 72-75 of the SCL. If the maximum condition code field has anything other than '0000', then this value is used instead of the CCPF value(s).

There are times when you may need to specify for an event, a step return code that is acceptable other then event level condition code. For example, in the CCPF you would have all events starting with JOBNAME* that should have condition codes equal to zero. If you need to have one step (STEP22) in event name (JOBNAME2) that has a condition code equal to four, you would code the following:

CCPF table:

Program   Event       Step      Procstep      Condcode  Condcode  
Name      Name        Name      Name          Operator  Value     
*         JOBNAME*    *         *                EQ     0000                   
*         JOBNAME2    STEP22    *                EQ     0004

Any events starting with JOBNAME must complete with condition code of 0000 (zero)
Event JOBNAME2 step STEP22 MUST end with condition code of 0004 in order to flag job as COMPLTED

Note: To find more information on the CCPF table, see the Extended Scheduling Services Guide, Chapter 6 - Specifying Additional Condition Codes.