Using option to 'Hide Financial OBS' impacts Clarity stock financial reports and jobs
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Using option to 'Hide Financial OBS' impacts Clarity stock financial reports and jobs


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The option to 'Hide Financial OBS' (ERQ: CLRT-19018) affects OBS Browse parameters on all standard Clarity reports. This is as expected, EXCEPT that this functionality should NOT impact standard Clarity reports that are financial in nature. The Financial Reports and Jobs that have an OBS parameter should include Financial OBS definitions, but they don't because they use the OBS_BROWSE lookups When the option to 'Hide Financial OBS' is selected, the end-user won't be able to generate results based on financial departments.

Steps to Reproduce:

Prerequisite: Financial Setup must be completed with defined financial Department and Location OBS for projects and resources

  1. Admin Tool > Finance: Processing > Hide Financial OBS is CHECKED (turned on)
  2. Main Application > Reports and Jobs > Reports > Available
  3. Select 'Budget/Forecast Analysis' Report (see list below for other reports & jobs)
  4. Try to select a financial department OBS in the OBS parameter

Check other types of 'financial' Reports and Jobs for impact.

  •        Clarity 'Financial' Stock Reports:
  •        Budget/Forecast Analysis
  •        Company Listing
  •        Customer Invoice
  •        Invoice Register
  •        Pre-Billing Report
  •        Project Analysis and Profitablity
  •        Project Transactions Inquiry Report
  •        Revenue Forecast
  •        Transaction Inquiry Report
  •        WIP Aging by Customer
  •        WIP Summary

       Clarity 'Financial' Stock Jobs:

  •        Batch Printing
  •        Generate Invoices
  •        Import Fnancial Actuals
  •        Post Incident Financials
  •        Post Transactions to Financial
  •        Purge Financial Tables
  •        Purge Temporary Hierarchy Data
  •        Rate Matrix Extraction
  •        Update Hierarchy Data

Expected Result: Although the option to 'Hide Financial OBS' is turned on, it should NOT hide the OBS from 'financial' type reports
Actual Result: I should expect to see the financial OBS units all the time because the report is financial in nature and it makes sense that the end-user would generate this report for financial OBS units


Release: All Supported Releases
Component: Clarity Financial Management 


This was reviewed by Sustaining Engineering as CLRT-25870 and determined it would not be fixed.


  1. Temporarily turn off the option to 'Hide Financial OBS'
  2. Create a 'saved parameter' for the report with the desired OBS unit
  3. Turn on the option to 'Hide Financial OBS'