Clarity: Using the option to 'Hide Financial OBS' impacts Clarity stock financial reports and jobs


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Clarity PPM On Premise


  • The option to 'Hide Financial OBS' (ERQ: CLRT-19018) affects OBS Browse parameters on all standard Clarity reports.
  • This is as expected, EXCEPT that this functionality should NOT impact standard Clarity reports that are financial in nature.
  • The Financial Reports and Jobs that have an OBS parameter should include Financial OBS definitions, but they don't because they use the OBS_BROWSE lookups
  • When the option to 'Hide Financial OBS' is selected, the end-user won't be able to generate results based on financial departments.
Steps to Reproduce:

Prerequisite: Financial Setup must be completed with defined financial Department and Location OBS for projects and resources

  1. Admin Tool > Finance: Processing > Hide Financial OBS is CHECKED (turned on)
  2. Main Application > Reports and Jobs > Reports > Available
  3. Select 'Budget/Forecast Analysis' Report (see list below for other reports & jobs)
  4. Try to select a financial department OBS in the OBS parameter
Check other types of 'financial' Reports and Jobs for impact.

  •        Clarity 'Financial' Stock Reports:
  •        Budget/Forecast Analysis
  •        Company Listing
  •        Customer Invoice
  •        Invoice Register
  •        Pre-Billing Report
  •        Project Analysis and Profitablity
  •        Project Transactions Inquiry Report
  •        Revenue Forecast
  •        Transaction Inquiry Report
  •        WIP Aging by Customer
  •        WIP Summary
       Clarity 'Financial' Stock Jobs:
  •        Batch Printing
  •        Generate Invoices
  •        Import Fnancial Actuals
  •        Post Incident Financials
  •        Post Transactions to Financial
  •        Purge Financial Tables
  •        Purge Temporary Hierarchy Data
  •        Rate Matrix Extraction
  •        Update Hierarchy Data
Expected Result: Although the option to 'Hide Financial OBS' is turned on, it should NOT hide the OBS from 'financial' type reports
Actual Result: I should expect to see the financial OBS units all the time because the report is financial in nature and it makes sense that the end-user would generate this report for financial OBS units


Release: All Supported Releases
Component: Clarity PPM Financial Management 


This was reviewed by Sustaining Engineering as CLRT-25870 and determined it would not be fixed.


  1. Temporarily turn off the option to 'Hide Financial OBS'
  2. Create a 'saved parameter' for the report with the desired OBS unit
  3. Turn on the option to 'Hide Financial OBS'