Failed to send a SOAP message generated to 'https://my_host_name:8043/niku/xog'.HTTPShostname wrong: should be <my_correct_hostname> at...


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We are trying to use XOG from a GEL script and get the following error:

BPM-0704: An error occurred while executing custom script:
org.apache.commons.jelly.JellyTagException: null:116:59: <soap:invoke> Failed
to send a SOAP message generated to 'https://my_host_name:8043/niku/xog'.HTTPS
hostname wrong: should be <my_correct_hostname> at...

We bounce our App instances every day. We were getting the following error before we imported the servers cert into the java directory CACERT file.


The error points out the cause of the problem as "hostname wrong".

  1. Make sure the correct hostname is present at the beginning of the GEL script.

  2. Looking at the error "HTTPS hostname wrong: should be <my_correct_hostname>", it indicates that the certificate's CN (Common Name) does not match the hostname in the URL.

To overcome these issues please generate the server certificate with the Common Name (CN) matching the correct hostname.


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