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Why do we need to copy the jre\client\JVM.dll when PS fail to execute a Java Active Expression?


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After installing a new version of the policy server 6SP6CR01 on windows 2003 SP2 with JDK 1.6 installed, the policy server is crashing when trying to execute active expression (crash R6025 - pure virtual function call).

Copying the %NETE_JRE_ROOT%/bin/client/jvm.dll to %NETE_JRE_ROOT%/bin/server/jvm.dll solved the issue.


The policy server installation program for windows creates the server/bin directory under the installed JVM path and deploys a jvm.dll into this directory.

This file is used by the policy server to support the one view monitor and as the default JVM for java based expressions.

The 1.5_11 version of the JVM introduced a compatibility issue between the version of the dll that the policy server installs and the one the JVM installed. There have been other issues with this version of the JVM with third party software not being able to run correctly. These points indicate that Sun has changed this version of the JVM significantly enough that the versions of the files that the policy server deploys will not work with it.

A workaround for this issue is to either copy the dll or to use a version of the JVM prior to the 1.5_11.


Component: SMPLC