How to remove or breakup the fault tolerance set up in Spectrum?


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CA Spectrum


You may occasionally want to remove the fault tolerance set up in SPECTRUM and later re-establish the setup. For this scenario the removal and re-establishing the fault tolerance set up should be done carefully following the processes in the solution.



Component: SPCINT


To remove the fault tolerance set up that is already set by the client in his environment:

  1. Remove the Backup SpectroSERVER name from the Primary OneClick Administration page by selecting with a checkmark and click remove. (OneClick Administration tab, Landscapes)

  2. Remove the landscape belonging to the Secondary using the MapUpdate command on the Primary SpectroSERVER from a bash shell $SPECROOT/SS-Tools. The MapUpdate should be used with this syntax:

    Mapupdate.exe -remove <LandscapeHandle of the Secondary SpectroSERVER> -precedence <Precedence of the Secondary SpectroSERVER>

  3. When the fault tolerance set up is removed you can re-establish it by following the instructions in KB 9404.