How to change Ports in CA Mainframe Software Manager.


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4 different ports are used by CA Mainframe Software Manager:

  - CA MSM Port                  No : 22120
  - CA MSM DSI Port              No : 22130
  - CA MSM Tomcat redirect Port  No : 22140
  - CA MSM Tomcat shutdown Port  No : 22150

How can they be changed after the initial installation is already completed?


    Port                               Number  location to change     
  * CA MSM Port                   No : 22120 - server.xml
  * CA MSM Tomcat redirect Port   No : 22140 - server.xml
  * CA MSM Tomcat shutdown Port   No : 22150 - server.xml

To change above ports 22120, 22140 or 22150, the server.xml file needs to be changed.

Be careful server.xml is in ascii encoding. Best way to change this is go in via EA (Edit Ascii) line command in ISPF P.3.17.

The server.xml is located in a zfs directory with a path similar to this:
rt is the MSMruntime directory. You specify this path in the RunTimeUSSPath keyword of the file.

  * CA MSM DSI Port               No : 22130 - database, ie. DBUPDATE
                                             - dsi.conf

The DSI Port needs to be changed in two locations by following method:

  1. Please copy the SAMPLIB member DBINIT to DBUPDATE.
  2. Add/Change the dsiPort=nnnnn, or remove it from comment in the DBUPDATE member.
  3. Then update in the dsi.conf the PORT parameter value.
  4. Copy the DBINIT DD in the MSMTC procedure and change it to DBUPDATE DD and point it to DBUPDATE created at the beginning.
  5. Put the DBINIT DD on comment (//*DBINIT DD)
  6. and run MSMTC.
  7. When done this once, put the DBUPDATE DD on comment and UNCOMMENT DBINIT again.

Some background:

The DBINIT DD is only used the 1st time of the MSMTC job start. Afterwards, when the database contains data, never again.

To get the CA Mainframe Software Manager database updated, you will need to change the DBUPDATE SAMPLIB member and use the //DBUPDATE DD statement - this need to be done only once.


Release: MSMNGR00200-5.1-Chorus Software Manager