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Unable to save an asset. Receive the error: Either another user or the Registration Service has updated the record


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In CA Asset Portfolio Management 14.1 or 12.9, when saving an asset, we receive the error: 


Either another user or the registration service has updated the record before loading. Refresh the page and save again. 


We also see this message in the ITAM data import logs when importing some assets. 


CA Asset Portfolio Management 14.1, any patch level


This problem only occurs in environments where CA Asset Portfolio Management is integrated with Service Desk.

There can be several causes for this same error message; however, if the error occurs on a few assets, but not all assets, the problem is likely related to the field length on the aud_usp_owned_resource.audit_nr_pr_id field.    

The code sets the audit_nr_pr_id field equal to the value from the pri.nx_desc field.  This error occurs when the data in pri.nx_desc is longer than the field length of the audit_nr_pr_id field. 


As a permanent workaround, perform the following steps to increase the field length in the database: 

1. Stop the services for ALL the CA products that connect to the mdb database. 

2. Update the field length on the audit_nr_pr_id column with this command: 

                 ALTER TABLE aud_usp_owned_resource  ALTER COLUMN audit_nr_pr_id nvarchar(255) 

3.  Perform an IISRESET on both the APM application and APM web servers. 

4.  Restart the Service Desk and the APM services. 


ITAM engineering will update the mdb schema in the future to change the field length on the audit_nr_pr_id column so it equals the pri_nx_desc field length.