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Error "DEBUG - The CREATE UNIQUE INDEX statement terminated because a duplicate key was found for the object name 'dbo.rootcause'" appears in the install_mdb.log while migrating from 11.2 to R12.5.


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This error may occur if duplicate rows exist in the 'rootcause' table and will cause the migration to fail.

The "SQLCheckr12UniqueIndexes.sql" and "OracleCheckr12UniqueIndexes.sql" scripts provided identify duplicate rows for some tables but not for the 'rootcause' table.


To resolve the issue, manually run the following SQL statement to identify any duplicate rows:

   SELECT sym, COUNT(*) AS 'NumberOfDups' FROM rootcause GROUP BY sym HAVING COUNT(*) > 1  

If any duplicates are identified, take a backup of the 'rootcause' table, update the sym values and set the records to inactive via the Service Desk GUI.

Now re-run the migration and it should complete successfully.


Component: ARGIS