Enabling Security Features in Custom Universes and Custom Crystal Reports starting with CA Clarity PPM v12.1


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This document provides details on how to modify the following to use the security features available starting with Clarity 12.1.0:

  • Custom Universes
  • Custom Crystal reports that use a stored procedure


To change a Custom Universe:

  1. Import the Custom Universe in Business Objects Designer.

  2. Locate the security join and modify the references from User ID to User Name.

    Prior to 12.1 the following shows the security condition used:
    AND CMN_SEC_ASSGND_OBJ_PERM_R_V.USER_ID = @prompt('User ID','N',,mono,free))

    In 12.1, the following shows the changes to the security condition:

    Note: If some of the security views do not have user name, do the following to add the user name:
    CMN_SEC_CHK_USER_R_V.USER_ID = (Select ID from CMN_SEC_USERS where user_name = @variable ('BOUSER'))

  3. Export the Custom Universe to the Business Objects server.

  4. Open each custom report that is affected by the above change and save each report back using the Crystal Reports Designer. The reports will refresh to the changes done on the Universe.

To Change Custom Crystal Reports that use Stored Procedures:

  1. Using the Crystal Report Designer, open each custom Crystal report that uses a stored procedure.

  2. Edit the User ID prompt to use a list of values that only contains a value that will not return results when run from Infoview, such as 0.

  3. Change both the Prompt Text and Description to say that the report must be run from Clarity.

  4. Change both the Optional Prompt and Allow custom values to False.

  5. Save the report.

    Note: The changes described in these steps are shown in the following sample screenshot:

    <Please see attached file for image>

    Figure 1

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