How to change the job parameter ALWMLTTHD(*YES) to ALWMLTTHD(*NO)?
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How to change the job parameter ALWMLTTHD(*YES) to ALWMLTTHD(*NO)?


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Our i5/OS program runs with ALWMLTTHD(*NO) parameter of its job description. But since we run it from the i5/OS Agent, we keep getting error "Open attributes not valid in a multithreaded job"


The error shown in the joblog was:

<Please see attached file for image>

Figure 1

The parameter ALWMLTTHD(*) belongs to a i5/OS job description and as such should be operated from this source.

By default, i5/OS keeps the value *NO, however ESP Agent in its default job description has set the parameter to *YES.

The Agent uses the SBMJOB command in order to submit a CL program and as such the job description cannot be omitted.

Therefore, if your ESP WOB definition didn't include the JOBD statement then Agent used its own one which as we said had the ALWMLTTHD(*YES).

In order to fix it you need to use the JOBD statement in the ESP WOB and point to a particular job description with ALWMLTTHD(*NO); if not have yet, you would need to create such a job description at the i5/OS native system.

The synopsis of the JOBD statement in the ESP WOB is shown in the ESP System Agent for i5/OS Release 7

'Guide to Scheduling Workload' / 'JOBD Statement...' paragraph:

JOBD libraryname.descriptionname |
          libraryname / descriptionname |
          /QSYS.LIB/libraryname .LIB/ descriptionname .JOBD


Component: SYSAGM


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